Andrew P. Jones, Attorney at Law

Serving clients throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Offices in Munising and Marquette


Thank you for visiting the website of Andrew P. Jones, Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C.  It is hoped that this site will provide some information about Andrew's law practice, and help you determine if a consultation with Andrew would be useful to you.  Andrew's practice has an office in Marquette and Munising, and Andrew has, does, and will represent clients throughout the Upper Peninsula.  His practice includes two staff members, an office manager and legal assistant, that assist him at various stages throughout a client's case.

Browse through this site, and if you would like to schedule a face-to-face consultation with Andrew, simply contact him via cell phone, (906) 869-4284, or email,  An initial consultation is at no-charge, and retainer fees can be discussed at that consultation. 

People need attorneys for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes it is because of a calculated decision on one's part, for example the decision to file a lawsuit against another, or perhaps to file for bankruptcy.  More often, it is because of unexpected circumstances, like serious criminal charges or divorce.  Because many people's need for an attorney is unanticipated (for example, when you only get one phone call), Andrew prides himself on being available at anytime.  That's why he uses his personal cell phone as his contact number.

Andrew's approach to lawyering is result-focused.  His goal is to help people resolve their problems, and he has the benefit of a law license to help accomplish that.  If you choose to schedule a consultation with Andrew, he will sit down with you, listen to your situation, and respond with the advice he thinks most helpful.  He is not interested in charging you a retainer for a case that has little chance at success, and he is also not reluctant to refer you to an attorney who may may more useful to you.  If you decide to become a client of the firm, Andrew will get to work to help you get the best result possible.

Andrew has five years of experience, and has represented hundreds of clients throughout Michigan, mainly in the Upper Peninsula.  He will tell you if he believes he can be of assistance to you, and what he would do to help you solve your difficult situation.  Andrew has settled both criminal and civil cases, won motions to dismiss, and also taken several cases to jury trial when settlement simply did not happen.  He is also experienced in more administrative-type scenarios, like driver license hearings through the Secretary of State.  The bottom line is, whatever your goal is, Andrew will advise you as to what he believes the best way to achieve it is, then represent you to the best of his ability to meet your goal.


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